Thirteen Creeds of Judaism Ari Afilalo

A religion created centuries back, Judaism is one of oldest religions of the world with about 17.4 million followers. The religion is based on its 13 fundamental truths and its foundations. The foundations were written by Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon in 12th century. He is also known as Maimonides or Rambam. The foundation he wrote are also known as Thirteen Creeds or Thirteen Attributes of Faith.

Part of the Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon’s commentary, the creeds have become core to the religion of Judaism. These principles are followed diligently by the orthodox Jewish community.

Thirteen Attributes of Faith

The followers of the sect believe in these thirteen creeds. These sects define the basics of the religion that any member should know and believe:

  1. Unwavered belief in the existence of God. He is believed to be the Creator.
  2. The belief in God’s absolute and unparalleled unity.
  3. God is affected by any physical occurrences, such as movement, or rest, or dwelling.
  4. God is eternal.
  5. The prayers made must be directed directly to God. Any other false gods should be ignored and renounced.
  6. God communicated through the prophecy with the man. The prophecy will always be true.
  7. Moses is primary prophet of the Judaism. The teacher of all Jews.
  8. Torah (written as well as oral) is of divine origin.
  9. Torah is permanent.
  10. The God is omniscience. He knows all about the thoughts and deeds of the man.
  11. Messiah will come and so will the messianic era.
  12. The belief in divine reward and karmic retribution.
  13. The belief in the resurrection of the dead.

Ari Afilalo, a Sephardic Jew with expert knowledge of the religion, explains that Judaism believes in “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor.” The thirteen creeds are just details of this statement.


These foundations are explained in detail and are believed by existing and new members of the community. If any members doubts these creeds, they have to leave the community.