Jews and Judaism

Some Biggest Myths About Jews And Judaism Ari Afilalo

We all know that Judaism is one of the oldest religion existing in the world. Jews have a long history. Due to change in the mixing and influence of other cultures and areas, the culture and its rituals have changed and manipulated by many people across the world. There are many myths about the Jews and Judaism which is a result of lack of knowledge and education. Some of them will make you laugh and some are too shocking. Below we will discuss some of the myths.


Jews people have horns- In the Middle Age, a popular mistake about a line from the Torah ended up in false customs.The myth spread through a Latin misinterpretation of Exodus 34:35, which says,


“And the children of Israel saw Moses’ face, that his skin became Karan, and Moses put the veil back upon his face until he went in to speak with God.”


Karan is a Hebrew term which means radiance. But was misinterpreted by St. Jerome as Keren which means horns in Hebrew. It was then misinterpreted and believed that Moses was horned. As a result, due to this misunderstanding, the Jews were compared to devil-like creatures having horns that further evolved into tales and stories. To portray Jews, many people use these perceptions in their campaigns and showcase Jews as an inferior group.


Orthodox women are compelled to shave their heads- According to Jewish law, there is no need or compulsion of shaving the heads. Moreover, it is nowhere written that a women have to shave their heads after they are married not even if she is covering her head and hair. Most women grow their hair long, they just keep it tied up. There are many women who keep them short, and there are some of them who shave their heads.


The practice of shaving the women’s head after marriage developed in the world of Chasidic Judaism. Although there are many origin stories for this tradition, but it is not a part of Judaism. However, Jewish law does states that it is important for husband and wife to be attractive to one another, so a shaved head might be out of the question.


There are around 6.8 millions jews in the United States of America. Ari Afilalo is a French Moroccan immigrant living in New York City. He is an active member of West Side Sephardic Synagogue in the city and an expert of International trade laws. He has written a book on these laws in which he stressed on boundary-free trade across the countries. He is deeply attached to the jews culture and their music.