International Business

A sneak peek at international trade and economic development

International trade is no novelty, it is a fairly known topic as different countries across the globe have certain set of trade laws and general regulations. Ari Afilalo is a specialist of international trade and economic development, he has highly publicized his deep insights into the topic. The training and research of Ari Afilalo is based on the following.


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 The good past has a huge number of instances of international trade and economic development. Back in the 14th as well as the 15th century, a large number of traders operated around the world to transport silk and spices. From the mainland China to different European nations, fast sailing and unbelievably huge ship vessels transported tea from one part of the world to another even in the 17th century. Considering all this we can ascertain that foreign trade has had a major impact on the economic development of the global trading nations.


Difference of opinions


For foreign trade as well as economic development, it is clear that all leading nations around the world are involved in import and export of major agricultural products as well as capital goods. Their business is on the upper tier of international business, thereby making massive profits and playing crucial role in the development of the nations.


Earning from foreign exchanges


In order to curb poverty, Foreign trade offers immense assistance, along with bringing numerous productive benefits.


Market expansion


International trade is also creditworthy for the increase in production of a nation. Foreign trade is one of the major reasons behind the surplus market expansion across different developing nations. Different nations with scanty or less productive markets eye foreign nations to gain wealth and capital interests.


For maximizing investments


Foreign trade continually inspires businesses around the world to grow and make rich investments for producing more and more goods, thereby increasing the overall investment ratio.


A strong member and promoter of the Sephardic community, Afilalo has penned a revolutionary book on international trade laws which provides a detailed insights into all major economic factors affecting international trade.