Important Facts About Golden Age Of The Jews With Ari Afilalo

Islamic Spain was a blend of several cultures. Basically, it is a mix of the people of three major monotheistic religions such as Jews, Muslims and Christians.

The golden age of Jewish culture in Spain matched with the Middle Ages in Europe, a period of Muslim rule completely much of the Iberian Peninsula. The era of Muslim rule in Spain (8th-11th century) was recognized as the “Golden Age” for Spanish Jewry. During cyclic periods of time, Jews were commonly accepted in society and Jews religious, cultural, and financial life bloomed.

While Christians and Jews lived under limitations, for much of the time the three groups arranged to get along together, and to some degree, to help from the presence of each other.

Jewish mental and religious life increased and numerous Jews served in Spanish courts. Jewish economic development was unique. In Toledo, Jews were included in translating Arabic texts in the romance languages, along with translating Greek and Hebrew texts into Arabic. Jews also devoted to the following fields:

  • Poetry
  • Philosophy
  • Medicine
  • Botany
  • Geography and
  • Mathematics

Major Figure

In 711 Muslim forces attacked and in 7 years succeeded the Iberian peninsula.It became one of the prominent Muslim civilisations which touching its peak with the Umayyad caliphate of Cordova In the 10th century. Muslim rule decreased after that and ended in 1492 when Granada was won.The heartland of Muslim rule was Southern Spain or Andalusia.

Significant Years

Muslim Spain was not a particular period, but a sequence of various rules.

  • The Dependent Emirate (711-756)
  • The Independent Emirate (756-929)
  • The Caliphate (929-1031)
  • The Almoravid Era (1031-1130)
  • Decline (1130-1492)