Costmetic Surgery Jewish

Cosmetic Surgery- A Jewish View

Judaism is one of the world’s oldest religions. Many renowned personalities belong to this religion. Mark Zuckerberg, also believes in the Judaism. Ari Afilalo is another renowned personality of New York. He is a French Moroccan immigrant and strongly believes in the Judaism and is an active member of West Side Sephardic  Jewish Synagogue.  


In this fast-moving and changing, world everybody wants to look good and pretty. This is the reason many people are now considering cosmetic surgery seriously. Cosmetic surgery is usually done to enhance the looks of an individual. But, is cosmetic procedures permissible according to Jewish laws?  


In this blog, we will discuss this briefly. As this topic is discussed and explained by many modern poskim. Poskin is a legal scholar who has the authority to decide the Halakha in case if the old tradition needs explanation or analysis. Several poskim explain and address this issue in different ways. Rabbies have a different point of view on this particular discussion.   


According to the Jewish laws and explanations, the human body is not a personal property of an individual. The human body belongs to God and it is a loan which the God has given every one of us. To worship and to pray to God, souls alone can’t recite the prayers, they need a physical body which must not be mutilated in any way. Healing itself is more preferred than the healing with surgeries.


But those health problems or illnesses that can’t be healed themselves, surgeries and these treatments are allowed. But the question again arises is that pure cosmetic procedures are permitted or not? According to Jacob Breisch- a rabbi explained with proofs taken from the Talmud that these surgeries can be done in case they cause psychological pain. Sometimes the psychological pain may occur due to abnormal features.  Another rabbi explains that the Torah only forbids self-pain when done with evil, or in a degrading way. They are permitted because they are not life-threatening procedures or treatments. Do you have any query regarding the cosmetic procedure, and regarding the Torah prohibition or preclude? If yes, click here.