International Business Trade

International Trade Law for the domestic market-Ari Afilalo

International trade refers to the exchange of goods, services, and capital produces across the international borders and territories. The international trade is governed by the set of laws. These set of laws include the laws of international organizations such as WTO and GATT along with the laws of the respective countries. The countries trading usually have a treaty agreement along with defined laws.


International Trade in Domestic Market

The two main areas of international trade in the domestic market include:


    • Trade remedy work
      According to the international trade law expert Ari Afilalo, the trade remedy work is very necessary. It is the corrective tool that can create a bridge between the government and the international trade laws. The imports that cause grave injury to the domestic market can be brought under control. The activities such as dumping can be prohibited under the anti-dumping trade activities.


  • Imports sanctions/control
    Similarly, under the export control or sanctions, the domestic market can be revived by placing controls over the imported materials. More government subsidies and fewer prices should be added to make it easy on the domestic businessmen.



What do international trade lawyers do?

The experts on international trade law advise the US organizations as well as institutions on the various deals and contracts. The US companies hire international trade lawyers to counsel them on the various matters, compliance rules, and loopholes. The experts such as Ari Afilalo also conduct internal investigations, represent them against the government or look into the violations of the law.

Are you interested in pursuing a career as an International Trade Lawyer?


If you want to be or are interested in the career as an international trade lawyer, you need quite a number of skills, aside from the academics, an international trade lawyer needs to have smart and skills to succeed.


  1. Language skill is a very big asset. It means that you’ll be able to work and assist the foreign clients and companies. You will even be able to work with the government.
  2. Other useful skills include applying complex statues, writing, an understanding of banking/finance, negotiation and more.
  3. If you are interested in trade remedy, make sure you study economics.

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